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The Art of Recruiting and Hiring Talent in Small Group Clinics

Recruiting and Hiring Avethan

Dr. Louisa Samothrace faced a challenge when hiring new healthcare professionals. As her small group practice expanded and patient demand grew, Dr. Samothrace realized the need to find talented individuals who aligned with the clinic's values and could deliver exceptional care.

Dr. Samothrace gathered with her team one afternoon to discuss the hiring need. They each expressed concerns about attracting qualified candidates and ensuring a smooth recruitment experience. The group acknowledged that without a well-defined hiring strategy, they risked hiring individuals who may not fit the clinic's culture or meet the high standards of patient care. Dr. Samothrace felt lost and didn't know what to do. She knew she needed to grow her provider team, but she needed to figure out where to start. 

Tragically, Dr. Samothrace is not alone in her situation. Great teams in amazing clinics ask these same questions daily. But there are steps that any clinic can take to onboard a new team member successfully.

Developing a Recruitment Strategy

Prior to any action taking place, small group clinics must create a recruitment strategy that attracts top talent. This strategy should include multiple channels, such as online job portals, professional networks, and community outreach in the local area. In addition, these growing clinics can utilize social media platforms and establish partnerships with educational institutions to tap into a pool of fresh talent. Creating compelling employment advertisements and providing a positive and engaging candidate experience is essential throughout the recruitment process.

Defining Staffing Requirements

Small group clinics need to define their staffing requirements before beginning the hiring process. Reviewing candidates' credentials, or curriculum vitae (CVs), is the next step in the screening procedure. This allows the clinic to evaluate the candidates' educational background, work experience, and relevant skills. Essential details include certifications, licenses, and any specialized training candidates may possess. By carefully examining the resumes, the clinic can create a shortlist of candidates who satisfy the position's minimum requirements.

Talent Management Avethan


During initial interviews, it is essential to establish a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for candidates. This allows them to demonstrate their genuine skills and character. In addition to evaluating the candidates' qualifications, the interviews should assess their compatibility with the clinic's values and culture. The assessors should focus on the candidates' communication, problem-solving, and teamwork abilities. It is essential to consider the clinic's specific needs, such as specialization, patient demographics, and service offerings. 

The most forthcoming candidates should be scheduled for follow-up interviews after the phone screening. These interviews should be structured and standardized to ensure consistency and impartiality. Constructing a list of pertinent questions covering candidates' clinical knowledge, technical skills, and interpersonal qualities is essential. By asking every applicant the same questions, the clinic can make more objective comparisons and evaluate applicants based on merit.

References and Background Checks

After the interviews are completed, reference checks should be conducted to validate the credentials and work histories of the candidates. Contacting previous employers or professional references can provide valuable insights into the candidates' performance, work ethics, and interpersonal skills. Reference checks can help the clinic verify the accuracy of the candidates' information and better understand their past work experiences.

Furthermore, background checks are essential to ensure regulatory compliance and patient safety. Small group clinics should perform thorough background checks to confirm that the candidates do not have any criminal history or disciplinary actions that would impede their ability to provide quality care. This step is crucial to maintaining the trust and confidence of patients and ensuring a safe working environment for the entire team. Once these are complete, the offer can be extended to the future employee for review. 

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A Happy Ending 

As a result of her teams efforts, Dr. Samothrace's successfully hired an amazing new team member.

To accomplish this, though, her clinic invested significant time and effort, which hampered her team's ability to perform their regular duties, further increasing the hiring process's impact on the practice. But there is a way to accomplish this without the complexities of hiring, onboarding, and employee maintenance: partnering with Avethan.

When you partner with Avethan, you eliminate the burden of managing the entire hiring process internally, freeing up valuable time and resources for clinic owners, providers, and their teams. Schedule your consultation today to find out how you can get back to focusing on healing; we'll take care of the rest.

*Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is purely coincidental.